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Social media and the Internet have created smarter, more selective travel consumers who expect to have choices based on brand, price, destination, and activities. To succeed, hospitality companies need to unify all travelers and market data into one single view, to gain hidden insights, anticipate customer behaviors, and make timely, intelligent decisions to engage travelers across all channels.

Wholesale Distribution

industry Solution

The economy is complex and volatile. Customers are demanding. How can distributors thrive? By getting closer to business partners, delivering exceptional service, and carving out a value added and differentiated role in the supply chain. Better customer understanding enables distributors to provide desired products and value-added services.

Every day, companies all along the supply chain from farm to table face problems of quality, balancing inventory against orders while keeping manufacturing costs in line, track & trace, costing, pricing, regulatory compliance, customer service, and mercurial changes in consumer preferences. This is in addition to managing their operations, keeping an eye on their competitors and staying close to their customers.


Industry Solution