Services Overview

Helping to increase your sales significantly
Exceleo has a global presence through our centers around the world. We understand the customer’s global needs. It is necessary to have a global network to help you expand your business. Exceleo can help expand your business globally without investing in increasing and maintaining global offices. Our global centers are available 24x7 to help you increase you customer base. This also provides a local point of contact for your customers to maintain long term trusted relationship with you.

Helping to reduce your costs of procurement

Exceleo has a global network of manufacturers and service providers, Exceleo can help you to increase your vendor base for various products and services. You can optimize your purchasing cost by effectively purchasing products and services direct from global companies. Our local presence globally helps you to obtain quality products and services from global vendors in a timely manner.

Helping to increase your operational efficiency in reduced cost
Emerging technologies has changed the way of working drastically in today’s economy. 24x7 support to your customers is easily possible through outsourcing of processes and employees working globally. Our global presence can help you to optimize your operational cost by outsourcing your workload to our global centers.

Global delivery Center 
Exceleo has developed Global Delivery Center in India. This Center is supporting to all of our global centers and projects to minimize any deviation in the projects and resources. This center is also providing software development and delivery support in multiple technologies to global software companies. These software companies outsource their projects to Exceleo for specific development and delivery in their IT projects.

Technology Platform – Coming Soon – Register today for more information
Exceleo is launching a new technology platform to help you for Sell More, Spend Less and having a Smart System to increase profitability exponentially and improve operational efficiency. This platform is based on world’s best business management solutions, SAP and developed by our partner company Sage Group Consulting, a premier SAP solutions and delivery organization focused on SAP ERP, E-commerce products, new dimension products, and emerging technology solutions.

To start with, we are launching this robust technology platform for three industries including Hospitality, Food and Wholesale Distribution and other industry platforms are also planned and work is in progress. Our new technology platforms are broadly divided into three basic categories.

  • Sell More – To increase your sales significantly

  • Spend Less – To reduce your cost of procurement

  • Smart System – To increase your operational efficiency in reduced cost

To know more about our new technology platform, please register TODAY.

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